Croatian Kitchen Club

Your kitchen DESERVES something new from Croatia once in a while

All the items are exclusively made in CROATIA

Kitchen Club is a mystery bi-monthly (delivered every two months) subscription box containing 1 – 3 items.

To keep the shipping costs down, the items are light and non-breakable, mostly made out of fabric. While the focus is on kitchen items, the design and the actual items will be a surprise.

What do you get as a subscriber?

1. Croatian Kitchen Club Box every two months

2. Exclusive access to the Subscriber's Shop*

*Subscriber's Shop allows you to buy EXTRA pieces of items you already received in your box. It's an exclusive feature available only to subscribers!

Cost of the subscription is only $25 per box

Should the price increase, your price will stay the same (you will be grandfathered) as long as you remain a member in good standing. 

If you choose to pay annually, you will get a 20% discount which translates to ONE FREE BOX per year (pay for 5, but get 6 boxes). 

Join the Kitchen Club

Each box contains 1- 3 items of my own choosing and aesthetic.

Those are usually harder to find items inspired by the Croatian traditional motives, patterns or designs. Occasionally, I may include other items.

(See below what kind of items you may find in your box)

  • Sneak Peek of the APRIL Box

    Just a sneak peek of the next box to give you an idea of what's coming. It's not meant to show you what's in the box (but you can guess!).

  • What's in the Kitchen Club Box?

    Kitchen tea towels


    Oven mitts or pads





    Shopping bags


    Hand Creams

    Bath/Beach towels



    Notepads, etc.

  • Why Focus on Kitchen Towels?

    There are never enough of them around

    They get stained/old and need to be replaced

    They develop “legs” if they are interesting (especially at Croatian events!)

    They make welcome gifts for your family or friends

Previous Subscription Boxes

So that you get the sense of what's in them, I’m showing you below the contents of previous boxes (these subscription boxes are no longer available for sale).

  • APRIL 2023 - Item 1

    Milk & Honey Hand Soap

    With wildflowers seeds inbedded in a wrapping!

  • APRIL 2023 - Item 2

    Hand Cream + Balm + Lavender Sachet

  • FEBRUARY 2023

    2 Red Placemats

    14" x 18"

    Traditional design from the village of Šestine above Zagreb

  • DECEMBER 2022

    1 Kitchen Towel - Red

    1 Kitchen Towel - Blue
    100% cotton (22"x 26")

    "I LOVE CROATIA" written on both

  • OCTOBER 2022

    1 Light Grey Kitchen Towel

    100% cotton (21"x 27")

    1 Small Toiletry Bag (4"x 7")

    Both decorated with traditional Croatian patterns

  • AUGUST 2022 - Item 1

    1 Apron

    100% cotton (20"x 26")

    Can easily be transformed into a kitchen towel by removing the ribbon

  • AUGUST 2022 - Item 2

    1 Kitchen Towel

    100% cotton (20"x 26")

    Can easily be transformed into a wall hanging (I've included a red/white intertwined rope for that purpose)

  • JUNE 2022

    2 Kitchen Towels

    100% cotton (18"x 24")

    Podravina region with Ivanečki Vez pattern

    1 Fridge 3" Magnet as a bonus item

  • Kathy ZG

    Absolutely beautiful 💕

  • Stephany G

    Nestled nicely with other Croatian tea towels.

  • Maryann B

    Milena, I just loved my first shipment - can I have a second subscription, please? (Of course you can, Maryann!)

  • Kathy O

    I gifted it to a friend and she loved it!