Croatian Naive Art Painter from Podravina

Croatian Naive Art Painter from Podravina

Ivan AndrasicAs one of the most prominent painters of Podravina, Ivan Andrašić transfers the original spirit of the region onto canvas. His oils on canvas make us fully inhale the disheveled spring, as if they were a breath of air from a flower fair.

As a child of the mythical area of Hlebine and Molve in Podravina, Andrašić began his artistic growth within the expressive frames of the original Croatian art in the Hlebine Naïve Art School. While following this artistic genetic bond, he soon developed his own specific style of painting, which distinguishes him as a unique Croatian painter. The path to self-expression led Andrašić into a fairytale world of surreal depictions of the landscapes of Podravina, which gradually disappear into imagination, while at the same time leaving a striking and powerful impression.

CrtezIn those depictions of landscapes from the hills of Bilogora to the inundations of Drava, Andrašić minimized the topographic accuracy, but retained and intensified the dreamy atmosphere of the geographic area. As a great master of watercolors, he stayed true to the depiction of landscapes. If his oil paintings tend to depict a minimal amount of realistic content, then his watercolor paintings take this feature to another level with the play of light and shadow.

Looking at Andrašić’s paintings, Mladen Zrinski wrote that “the black, sooty, dusky, heavy, and burdened land of Podravina – along with the mighty river that runs through it – represent our history and future, out labors and hard work, our beliefs and Jesenreality, our pledge and treasure, our survival and life”. It’s this exact type of impression and perception that results from looking at Andrašić’s paintings.

Ivan Andrašić is a master of atmosphere. Although his landscapes are mild and peaceful, and his colors light and subtle, his paintings send a powerful message that never leaves you indifferent. In the mist of the unattainable perspectives of the land of Podravina, you can catch a glimpse of our people, our history and our reality.


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